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Established in Taiwan in 2007 and now located in Taipei Nankang Software Park, LCSI develops,
markets, and supports highly reliable industrial Ethernet and commercial grade products made
by Taiwan completely. Products are available through value-added distributor (VAD), resellers
or systems integrators (SI) throughout the world.

Industrial Ethernet product withstanding industrial or harsh environments has grown dramatically
in the last few years due to its durability. To meet this level of durability, Industrial
Ethernet products (also called rugged or hardened) are designed and manufactured with special
components, connectors and circuitry to ensure reliable operation in wide temperature swings,
electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio interference, vibrations, or moisture and humidity
fluctuations. In addition to hardware features, software features have redundant, ultra-fast
network recovery topology beyond commercial grade.

LCSI products are manufactured in professional contract manufacturing facilities and meet ROHS,
ISO9001/2000 and ISO 14001. All Industrial-grade products carry a 3-year limited warranty,
Commercial-grade Ethernet products, completely designed and manufactured in Taiwan only, carry
a 18-month limited warranty, and accessories carry a 18-month limited warranty from the date of
delivery, given that products are installed and used properly. All charges shall be billed for
repairs outside of the respective warranty period.

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