LCSI offers un-managed Ethernet PoE switches which provide
plug-and-play PoE Switches for Businesses in need of instant
connectivity and no management required.

bgs 7244w

Un-managed Gigabit PoE Switch
BGSP-411 6-port: 4*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE + 1*10/100/1000T + 1* Giga SFP (65,90,120W option) Datasheet
BGSP-541 5-port: 4*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE + 1*10/100/1000T (65,90,120W option) Datasheet
BGSP-800 8-port: 8*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE (120,150,250W option) Datasheet
BGSP-804 8-port: 4*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE + 4*10/100/1000T (65,90,120W option) Datasheet
BGSP-820 10-port: 8*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE + 2*Giga SFP (120,150,250W option) Datasheet
BGSP-1600 16-port: 16*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE (250,380,500W option) Datasheet
BGSP-1620 18-port: 16*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE +2*Giga SFP (250,380,500W option) Datasheet
BGSP-2400 24-port: 24*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE (250,380,500W option) Datasheet
BGSP-2420 26-port: 24*10/100/100T 802.3at PoE + 2*Giga SFP (250,380,500W option) Datasheet
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